Password Remover Tools

Password Remover offers you several tools that will remove all your password related problems.

Here you will find tools that will help you with password protected files, softwares and not only.
Click on one of the images bellow to see more details about each tool we offer. Make sure to read the system requirements and the instructions regarding the usage of each tool in order to properly use and remove the undesired passwords.


Password Remover Tools

Click the tool’s image for more details about it !

winrar password remover

pdf password remover

hard drive password remover

windows 7 password remover


Every tool provided by us has 2 download buttons, make sure you download the right one based on your operating system because the windows one won’t work on MAC and the Mac one won’t work on Windows platform.

Our tools are 100% safe to use and if you read and comply to the system requirements and how to use info you will be 100% satisfied. We know how bad it is when you get a file from the internet and you discover it is password protected or you simply found a password protected software that you just need to use. With our applications there is no way to be disappointed, it will enhance your pc/internet experience to a new level.

If you will encounter any problem downloading one of our tools please read the Download Help section or for any other problem please read the Frequently Asked Questions section.

If you don’t find what you need you can use the Requests page and maybe you will be lucky to get what you need in the near future.


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  1. Arnulfo Giarusso says:

    Great tools, keep adding more.

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